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Vintage Mirage offers Great Gatsby 1920’s Looks Guide

Hello fashion focused women, with the parties and galas coming up this 2017 season, many parties have a theme. The 1920’s Great Gatsby themes are a romantic and fun era to dress up!

So to help you dress for the event, we have assembled several pieces for you to mix and match!

We have several different dresses from which to choose. We also have some slinky classic dresses which can be embellished with scarves or beaded belts and bloused.

Several capes, lace tops and long velvet coat for cover ups.

A few beaded belts for accent with a plain dress which can be used as a long necklace as well.

Plenty of hair ornaments and headpieces with beads, crystals feathers, signature hair ornaments & embellishments, and French clips, crystal combs.

Finally long beaded necklaces- a signature ornament for 1920’s.

Please come by Vintage Mirage and shop with us for these elements!

Elinor Coleman and Staff of Vintage Mirage

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