Vintage Mirage's Zoom & Google Meetings

Updated: Oct 31, 2020


Vintage Mirage offers to you, our vintage and designer loving customer, more than 100 Consignors’ wardrobe taste buds and items of Clothing, Accessories and Jewelry from which to choose. What a wonderful and expansive world of fashion we offer to you, all in one location for the brick and mortar store, plus now on line as well, visit our new online store here:

Well readers, here we are in October 2020, contemplating the current focus of Zoom and Google meetings instead of going into the office or travelling to conferences. How will such a forum effect your wardrobe choices?

So taking notice of the media requirements and above the waist formatting let us banter around some inspirational thoughts for expanding your wardrobe for the above the waistline perspective.

Each of you has a familiar and known style of work wardrobe sense for business attire, which matches

your level of comfort and professional dress code.


Begin with body neutral under garment. Camisole or Sleeveless top.

Strong Solid color blouse with long sleeves.

Purple, green, yellow, pink, blues or Pastel colors or neutrals

Add a Kimono, shrug, buttonless wrap Suit jacket with single, double breasted buttons

Contrasting colors from top Greys, Navy blue, Tans

Add a large scarf with brooch to hold the knot in place, because you do not want the scarf to swing in the camera. The brooch/pin can be vintage or contemporary including crystals, silver or gold tone with pearls.

Or instead of a scarf, add a necklace


Patterned or lacey camisole Lacey or patterned blouse neutral colors

Flowered jacket , velvet jacket Tweed jacket. Add an enhancing color compared to the jacket.

Beaded jacket or sweater Two tone jacket, herringbone jacket, Mix and match the colors, layers. Add a large brooch to the lapel of the jacket

Large chunky necklace & earrings Delicate look- silver, gold chain necklace,

No scarf needed for looks with necklaces.

Embroidered blouse & sweater Solid color coat dress.

Please note that I did not mention black jackets nor bright red jackets, as in the camera world

those colors come out looking the same- black. And in addition, a stark white outfit may recede into the wall, if that wall is painted white.

The combinations of mixing and matching pieces of clothing are endless. Have fun trying different combinations.

In order to highlight your sense of style and enhance your profile, create a photo studio right in your house or apartment. Find a brightly lit neu