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Dear Potential Consignor,

Thank you for considering Vintage Mirage as the store to consign your
designer clothing, jewelry, and accessories. We want you to feel good about clearing out
your wardrobe and earning some mon
ey at the same time, plus participating in giving your items a new life. 


The business of consigning has been around for many years. Today, we think about this concept as the ultimate reuse and recycle endeavor. In addition to mint condition vintage designer pieces including clothing, jewelry, and accessories, we also carry many contemporary items. We want you to bring us items from designers of today. 


Our earliest era begins with Victorian (1840-1914), includes the Gatsby/ Roaring 20's (1920), Camelot years of the 1960's, and extends all the way to the 1980's and up to today.

So we extend an invitation to you to consign your current or past stylish clothing, accessories, and jewelry with us.

 If you have a question & would like an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact us at




                                                             Consignor Contract Form

                                                            Consignor Inventory Form

                                                          Alphabetical Designer Roster

                                                               Consignor Checklist:

                                     - Take photos of all items and send them to us                                                                  for pre-approval 

                                     - Call and schedule an appointment Tuesday-Friday 

                                     -Please have a minimum 10-20 items to Consign                            

                       -All approved items MUST be dry-cleaned upon approval for consignment 

                                    -Both Vintage & Contemporary Designer Items are accepted       

                                 -Please bring only items that are in excellent condition         

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