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  • What are the Business hours?
    Our business hours are: Sunday: Closed Monday - Closed Tuesday-Saturday - 11am- 5pm
  • What exactly are vintage period garments and how do they differ from antique items?
    In the garment industry with a historic perspective, an item is generally considered vintage when it is 20-years-old or older. In contrast, an item that is 100-years-old or older is by definition called an antique.
  • How do I create my own personal style?
    Our mission is to engage in exceptional customer service and make your shopping experience at Vintage Mirage a fun adventure. The staff is knowledgeable and equipped to advise you in finding that perfect flattering look, within your comfort zone. Our staff will suggest appropriate jewelry and accessories to enhance your style and outfit.
  • How can I expand my wardrobe with vintage items and accessories?
    The fashion trend currently mixes Vintage items with contemporary pieces. Vintage Mirage offers garments & accessories in all of these categories & all eras. Once a basic outfit has been chosen, the staff at Vintage Mirage can suggest additional clothing, jewelry, scarves, jackets, & coats which complement the outfit in a unique manner.
  • How am I able to locate my size at Vintage Mirage?
    Unfortunately there is no actual standard for women's sizes in the clothing industry, to standardize, we have organized our clothing by measuring in inches: the bust, waist, hip, inseam of each garment, and have written these measurements on the sales tag. Vintage Mirage has arranged our clothing by bust measurement for tops, dresses and jackets, and by waist measurement for pants and skirts. Since Vintage Mirage displays items for sale spanning so many years of fashion, the staff at Vintage Mirage can discreetly take your measurements and assist you in finding your perfect fit. Customers who are interested in embellishing their outfits will find the jewelry displays are organized by era or color, or by the featured season. If you don't see what you're looking for please don't hesitate to ask our staff for assistance in finding it or something similar. We're happy to help!
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