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Keep Cool with Stylish Summer Looks

Oh summer, hot and humid. We wish to feel and look cool, refreshed and relaxed in essence, but also put together. Covering up to guard against the sun rays but flowing enough covered up to permit a breeze or air to circulate so we are cooled and do not have clinging fabric. Here is how to look and feel cool; prepared to cover up when in the overly air conditioned rooms as well.

Gather your lacey, gauzy cotton, linen, flax, bamboo, rayon fabric garments regardless of color, pattern, or texture. Next locate your cotton, open weave shawls, scarves, assorted belts, woven belts/sashes.

Although you might expect me to start with a frilly bra of lace or embroidery and lacey underwear in general, try on an alternative next to the body layer as an experiment, the camisole style sports bra and capris length leggings. Therefore the torso to the thigh is one solid color and becomes the basic canvas or ground for your look: white, black, cream, beige, brown, pink, violet, or any color you choose.

Now add lacey, gauzy, flowing textures of varying lengths- the longer lengths on first, shorter lengths on top. Then try shorter and fuller lengths on first, then a long open layer over all.

Take some time here at this stage so you will want to experiment little and see if you can come up with 3 different combination outfits. Mix and match garments regardless of pre- purchased sets.

Next for the fun of the vintage eras, go looking through the lingerie drawer, swim wear collection, exercise clothing drawer, boy friend’s closet, Grandmother’s or Mother’s closet- negligee, bed jackets, lacey slips, nightgowns, dressing gowns, tuxedo jackets, cumber buns, tuxedo shirts, swim suits, lacey fabrics to be worn over swim suits.

Now go to the full mirror and try these garments with the other clothing you pulled out and mix up the 3 different looks with all of these elements. With the infinite combinations possible try mixing up textures and patterns. Remember that this next fashion focus will honor the tattoo and the peek through of the silhouette of lights.

Create now a belted look using a scarf or try on a belt as a waist accent at the hip, waist or rib cage, making an empire look. The belt wherever you wear it adds an accent, and brings the eye to a waist or mid section of your figure, so try several places and see how your look shifts emphasis. the belt will define the midline and show you in balance from the head to the toe.

Look for some crystal, pearl, glass, Bakelite, or resin jewelry pieces which are inherently great materials in the summer, as they cool the body down. Summer fun jewelry accessories are necklaces, chandelier earrings or crystal sunbursts on clip on earrings, a row of bangles, or elastic bracelets which are quieter and fit more snugly on the wrist.

Purses can be so heavy as we all overstuff our bags. Summer can be an opportunity to pare down what we carry, or try a small clutch for the very essential items. Then if you still need all the rest of the kitchen sink, add a flowery tote or beach bag. This way these two elements can be separated.

Focusing on the theme of the gauzy layered look, add a vintage white or crème beaded or straw bag for your new outfits. In the 1940-60’s there were many styles, shapes, materials, and textures from which to choose.

Foot ware is all so personal. So you choose what you feel is most comfortable and lovable to show off your pedicure, or keep your feet happy any way you wish. The comfort and health of the feet are essential elements for a healthy and happy body.

Since we are trying new combinations for our wardrobe, the old fashioned rule of the purse and shoes must match in color and texture is not to be followed this time round.go on and mix them up. Let your toes feel free.

Now it is time for the hair. For summer coolness, having the hair off of the face and neck give the body an area for fresh flowing current of air and you will feel cooler. So put your hair up into a pony tail with a crystal enhanced scrunggi, pin back your hairdo with crystal bobby pins or a crystal enhanced French clip, or flowery head band or flower clip. Yes the new royal look is mini hats. So you can have fun experimenting with chignons and feathers too.

So enjoy the time in the sun and experiment with your wardrobe. Have a Great Summer. Elinor

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