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Keep Cool with Stylish Summer Looks

Oh summer, hot and humid. We wish to feel and look cool, refreshed and relaxed in essence, but also put together. Covering up to guard against the sun rays but flowing enough covered up to permit a breeze or air to circulate so we are cooled and do not have clinging fabric. Here is how to look and feel cool; prepared to cover up when in the overly air conditioned rooms as well.

Gather your lacey, gauzy cotton, linen, flax, bamboo, rayon fabric garments regardless of color, pattern, or texture. Next locate your cotton, open weave shawls, scarves, assorted belts, woven belts/sashes.

Although you might expect me to start with a frilly bra of lace or embroidery and lacey underwear in general, try on an alternative next to the body layer as an experiment, the camisole style sports bra and capris length leggings. Therefore the torso to the thigh is one solid color and becomes the basic canvas or ground for your look: white, black, cream, beige, brown, pink, violet, or any color you choose.