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Image by Laura Chouette


Code: black and white
Contrary to many other brands from the world of couture and fashion, a profound sense of consistency is at work here. Black and white reign, as Coco Chanel indicated when she declared, “I said that black goes with everything. White also. They have absolute beauty. It is the perfect match.”  click image for more.........

Image by Steven Su


While many people refer to ‘femininity, style and glamour’ as the codes of Dior, many others, at least in fashion business, also may be referring to the business code at Dior, which caused dramatic changes in the industry.

The House of Dior experimented with the relationship between the designer and ready-to-wear manufacturers.

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Yves Saint Laurent 

But perhaps none spoke of fashion's revolutionary power as much as the Le Smoking, a suit that defied traditional notions of evening-wear. And thanks to that Helmut Newton picture of an elegantly dressed woman standing on an empty Parisian street, this radical interpretation of menswear tailoring has been immortalized as an icon of power dressing for women.

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House codes

This season the most iconic and well known fashion houses used their past and most notorious house codes, especially silhouettes and patterns to bring us vintage glamour! If you're unfamiliar with house codes they can be any specific visual elements that are a part of a brands DNA.

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