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Packing tips for a weekend wardrobe

Spring/Summer vacations and weekend trips are a fun time to rethink your travel wardrobes!

The weekend travel packing task can be used as an example for longer trips. So I have presented here a basic format for your consideration.

You can choose a special color palette and expand upon it using the format presented here, or you can also come see us at Vintage Mirage and have us help you in the store.

The overall theme is that all of the pieces can be worn interchangeably, so you have many options from which to choose your outfits!

Belts, purses, shoes, scarves and jewelry will add to the fun of your travel outfits! For purses in particular, a cross body purse is useful and for evening a clutch is good. I also always carry a shopping bag as well, since I put the umbrella, map, w