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Educational outreach is part of the mission of Vintage Mirage.

From a collector’s point of view, educating the community about the value, preservation, history, and upkeep of antique and vintage items is tantamount to preserving the finest examples of bygone eras.  These antiques were invented and created throughout history, offering hands-on experience in a concrete manner.

They offer a window into the efforts of hand-made craftsmanship of countless diverse peoples through time.  These treasures are our link into the thoughts, aesthetics, views, and ingenuity of the past and into the present and future.

Elinor Coleman offers special lectures to the community about the history of fashion, costuming, and adornment. In addition, Elinor lectures about downsizing, preserving family legacies, and textile and fabric preservation.

Please contact the store for Elinor’s availability.