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Gift Certificates

Vintage Mirage also offers beautiful, personalized gift certificates for purchase in any dollar amount, which is taxed at the current state rate. Generally, the gift certificate is good for 6 months time before it expires. The person purchasing the gift certificate, the giftee, and Vintage Mirage all have receipts and access to the certificate information. Vintage Mirage will try to accommodate all parties if the certificate is lost or stolen, with prompt notification, providing that this falls within the six-month period of time from the date of original purchase.

Gift Registry

Vintage Mirage offers customers, clients, and their gift giving friends an easy method to give a unique gift from Vintage Mirage.  An individual customer fills out a short card of information and designates five or more items in the store.  Then a friend or significant other can come to the store and purchase one of the already earmarked items secure in knowing that they have picked out the perfect gift.

This gift giving process is more fun and glamorous than a gift certificate.