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Downsizing personal property often is a complicated and stressful process without the assistance of an objective professional consultant.

Elinor excels at supporting your family through the various responsibilities that relate to house auctions, antique brokers, agency estate sales, family or agent-run yard sales, E-bay auctions, store front E-bay auction business agent, classified ads, and tax exempt donations to not-for-profit organizations.

Each type of downsizing or liquidating option has an inherent cost and a control factor.  The process of downsizing or liquidating can be less stressful when all of the options and financial details are known and can be compared with each other to best serve the client.

Since there are several options available, more quirkier collections and collector clubs can be introduced to each other.

Therefore, before an item is put into the trash or donated, a consultant should be brought in to view all of the items.

Elinor arranges for an initial three-hour session in the home or at the location of the downsizing collection of items.

The cost is $350 and an appointment is necessary, often on Mondays when the store is closed.

Elinor does not run the estate sales or yard sales herself.

Instead, Elinor requests from the downsizing clients that she has the first opportunity to consign items at the market value for her store.