Apr 26, 2013

This Spring 2013 there are some wonderful TV dramas and an upcoming film which present stories in an historical context so that there are some wonderful vintage fashions featured in the costuming right out of those historic eras. How fortunate that this Spring Season also coincides with the 9th ANNIVERSARY of VINTAGE MIRAGE!  Upon shopping… Read more »

Dec 18, 2012

I have read recently several articles about the future of expanded use of the airport x-ray machines to help customers in shopping malls; customers will have their bodies measured and then be told just what brand a type of clothing would suit them. Originally the focus of the articles were to validate the enormous cost… Read more »

Dec 12, 2012

Accessories and Jewelry make lovely gifts, and are especially good because they are one size fits all. Remember that you will always get free gift wrap and a free tote with your purchase!     We have an amazing selection of seasonal handbags and hats.     We have a very large selection of jewelry,… Read more »

Nov 8, 2012

For an important special event such as a gala, your whole person- from head to toe is your look, and therefore unique. Think of this look as a series of questions for you yourself, which when answered, will focus your style, address your comfort zone of dressing, make a specific bold statement using color, texture, accessories…. Read more »

Jul 17, 2012

My Four Principles for Sheek and Cool Dressing Diversity, Elaborate,  Uniqueness,  Authenticity,  Have Fun with your outfits The Summer season is one of high temperatures, which automatically call for lighter fabrics, less clothing (as compared to winter suits with overcoats, hats, and woolen scarves). Locations where temperatures soar, notice the colors can be exaggerated, large… Read more »

Apr 29, 2012

Here is the first formal installment of Elinor’s thoughts about the world of fashion forward. It is March 2011, and I have been researching the European and Asian fashion spreads to view the various forecasts for summer and fall. I am quite disappointed to have to report that the US media has edited out most… Read more »